Enhance your portfolio with ImuPro

Capture the growing market of IgG food allergy diagnostics

As people become more interested in health care and nutrition while allergies are on the rise, the demand for solutions is growing every day. As it is estimated that more than 20 % of the population have delayed IgG food allergies and the awareness for health and food is increasing worldwide, the market potential is huge and growing strong.

With ImuPro you can offer a solution to many people and participate in this growth market.

ImuPro is the market leader in this field available in over 40 countries worldwide. The manufacturer of ImuPro is R-Biopharm a leader in clinical diagnostics offering strict quality controls, regular interlaboratory comparisons and a high test reproducibility.

The brand ImuPro is internationally renowned for quality and service and offers a strong marketing concept and support. ImuPro is scientifically underpinned with studies performed with ImuPro and our International Scientific Advisory Board.

ImuPro offers a comprehensive solution as it combines reliable IgG allergy testing with high precision, accuracy and reproducibility and extensive post-test guidance.

The ImuPro team offers extensive support such as marketing and scientific advice and a strong network of our international partners sharing best practices to assure your success in this fast growing market.

Advantages of ImuPro